Malta with Ryan Air

Package No: SP3071
Departure every Thursday
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Month AvailabilityApril 2021

Ryan Air Flights :            
PAPHOS - MALTA   12:40-14:20
MALTA - PAPHOS   11:15-14:55


Air ticket Paphos- Malta - Paphos with Ryan Air

1 hand luggage 40cm x 20 cm x 25 cm

3 nights at the hotel of your choice

Breakfast where specified.


Foods and drinks


Optional Choices

The packages are calculated on the basis of special fares on low cost airlines and may change due to availability at the time of the final booking.

The package cannot be canceled or refunded for any reason.


It is recommended that travelers always contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus regarding their travel destination. In order to protect travelers and aid them, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues relevant Travel Instructions. The Travel Instructions reflect a careful assessment of the situation and are based on the best information available to the Ministry at the moment. Since the situation can change without any notice, all travelers are advised to be extra cautious. The ultimate responsibility For more information please visit the website below All passengers traveling to Cyprus are required to complete the Travel Pass (CyprusFlightPass) in accordance with the procedures provided on the website The electronic form for the Travel Pass (CyprusFlightPass) must be completed 24 hours before the start of the trip to Cyprus and it is mandatory for all passengers traveling from any Category Country, both for the purpose of boarding an aircraft as well as for the purpose of entering Cyprus. We are at your disposal for any further information and clarification.

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