Educational Trip Preveza-Konitsa-Florina

27 October, 2022
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We would like to share our experience and the absolute hospitality from the wonderful trip organized by CK Strategies in collaboration with EOT and Cyprus Airways in the beautiful Epirus and specifically in Preveza, Konitsa and Florina together with journalists.

Epirus is a destination for all seasons because it manages to combine incredible routes in nature as well as beautiful beaches washed by the islands of the Ionian Sea. Green forests, lacy coasts, mythical rivers, dozens of monasteries, stone arched bridges, and beautiful picturesque villages make up the beauty of Epirus.

We have really been delighted with the hospitality of the three municipalities and their efforts to promote and highlight the beauty of their place.

Preveza… You must go

The city of Preveza is located at the southernmost tip of Epirus and approximately in the middle of the northwestern coastline of Greece. It is built on the point where the Amvrakikos sinus meets the Ionian Sea and which, together with the double delta of the Louros and Arachthos rivers, as well as a system of lagoons, constitutes a rare ecosystem protected by the RAMSAR treaty.

The beaches of Preveza stretch for 60 km peninsulas, bays, sandbars and rocks alternate harmoniously. Pine forests that reach to the welcoming beaches, compose an idyllic picture. Some of them are Vrachos, Loutsa, Ammoudia, Valtos, Sarakiniko, Monolithi, Mytikas, Kyani Akti, Kryoneri, Artolithia, Kastrosykia, Kanali, Lygia etc.

Konitsa… The ideal destination for all seasons of the year

In the prefecture of Ioannina, at an altitude of 600m on the slope of Mount Trapezitsa, Konitsa, a town of 4,000 inhabitants, built in the traditional style of continental architecture, unfolds amphitheatrically. It is about the absolute harmonization of yesterday and today where the amenities of a small town are perfectly combined with the peace and tranquility of a village.

The geomorphology and the many different activities it offers, the area has established itself as a center of alternative tourism. After all, Konitsa is considered “the city of kayaking” and one can enjoy this favorite sport all year round. If instead of kayaking you prefer swimming, then swimming in the crystal clear waters of the rivers is an unforgettable experience.

For walkers and mountaineers, climbing the mountains of Smolika, Grammos and Tymfi should be at the heart of their choices.

The Drakolimnes are an immersive experience with their amazing beauty and the myths that exist about them. Don’t miss walking in the Voidomatis ravine (within the core of the Vikos-Aoos National Forest) and the Aoos ravine.

Konitsa is also considered a destination for religious tourism.

The wider area of ​​Konitsa, with its rich tradition and picturesque settlements in its numerous villages, make it one of the most popular destinations. The famous Mastorochoria (the craftsmen’s villages), the villages of Lakka Aou as well as the Stone villages (Gannadio, Monastiri, Molista etc.) are destinations that if you find yourself in Konitsa, you must definitely visit and be enchanted by the art of stone that dominates every corner.

Discover Konitsa… All year round…

Florina… Travel to the “jewel” city of Northern Greece

In the NW corner of Greece between imposing mountains and cool lakes is Florina, a small but picturesque town, full of history and rich tradition and one of the most popular winter destinations of the entire country. With its palatial appearance and the strong presence of water within it, as the Sakoulevas River crosses its heart for centuries, Florina maintains its picturesque elegance unchanged over time and manages to offer a unique mosaic of images and experiences to every visitor. See up close the beautiful mansions of neoclassical and Macedonian architecture, which reflect the economic prosperity of the city, over the centuries.

Florina and the wider region offers a wide range of local products of excellent quality. Try the Florinis peppers, Prespa beans, mountain tea, a wide variety of cheeses and dairy products, lake fish, potatoes and local mushrooms, accompanied by tsipouro and fine wines of Amyntaio and traditional spoon sweets. It is really worth traveling and experiencing the beauty, picturesqueness and tranquility that these destinations combine, even for a while!

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