30 October, 2018
Dream Destinations

Travel to another era!

Rum, cigars, vintage cars of the ’50s, music and salsa dances are just a few of the words that come to mind when we talk about Cuba. If history, comfort, fun, authentic luxury, the charm of another era, eroticism, are the elements you want on your vacation, then choose Cuba!


Havana is known for its intense nightlife, liveliness of its residents, improvised street parties, cigars and rum, the pirate drink that flows abundantly.

  • Dine at the famous El Patio Restaurant and Casa Espanola
  • Walk the cobbled streets of old Havana
  • Visit the confectioneries in Santa Clara
  • Take a trip to the tobacco plantations in the Vinales Valley.


Spread on the most beautiful sea of ​​Cuba, with its white beaches, palm groves, millions of aromas and flowers, it has opened its gates and is waiting to welcome you.

  • Visit the Saturno Cave
  • Enjoy nature in the Vrahicacos Ethnological Park
  • Admire an excellent coral reef near Cayo Libertad


Travel back in time to the tiny colonial city nestled between the tropical hills of Mount Escambray and the emerald waters of the Caribbean.

  • Visit the Perla Del Sur area
  • Enjoy dinner at the Palacio Del Valle
  • Try rum at La Canchanchara
  • Relax on Playa Ancon Beach