Mini Cruise from Malta to Italy - Costa Fascinosa

Cruise No: sp3608
Departure: 23/09 2024

Fly to Malta and embark from Valletta port to enjoy a 6 days cruise to Western Mediterranean with Costa Fascinosa. Sail with Costa Crociere and experience the Italian hospitality.  

Welcome on board Costa Fascinosa

A tribute to theatre and cinema classics, each deck is inspired by characters, stories, and memorable works, such as Aida, Tosca and Dr Zhivago. This is where you can enjoy all kinds of entertainment, from evening shows to relaxation at the spa or by the pool.
And for the kids? There is an Aqua Park just for them and a fairy-tale castle where they can imagine all the greatest adventures.
And there’s even more: musicals, casino, game rooms and lounge bars to play the leading role of your holiday, as though you were living in a film.

DestinationItaly, Malta, Tunisia
Month AvailabilitySeptember 2024

Air ticket Larnaca - Malta// Milan - Larnaca.

Airport taxes.

1 night accommodation in Malta with breakfast before the cruise. 

6 day cruise with Costa Fascinosa on full board basis at the cabin of your preference.

Entertainment onboard.

Port taxes.


Drinks and other services onboard the ship.

Shore excursions.

Tipping to be paid on board the ship, €11 per day per adult and €5.50 per day for children from 4years to 13 years.

Travel Insurance.

Transfers to/from airport/port/airport.

Prices are subject to changes at the time of reservation.

Day 1: Larnaca - Malta

Direct flight Larnaca to Malta with Emirates. Afternoon at your leisure. Overnight in Malta. 



Day 2: Embarkation Costa Fascinosa

Breakfast at hotel. Embarkation on Costa Fascinosa. The ship departs at 17:00.


Day 3: La Goulette (Tunis), Tunisia

The ship arrives at Le Goulette port at 10.00 departs at 19.00

The added value of a vacation in Tunis is that in a stretch of just a few kilometres one can admire beautiful sites dating from the pre-historical period to the present day.

An excursion from the berthing port – La Goulette – to the remains of the ancient Carthage, a UNESCO world heritage site since 1979, will take you to the heart of one of the most dynamic and important centres of the Mediterranean. In Carthage one can admire the Roman baths of Antonino, built in the 2nd century AD, the amphitheatre by the same name, which can host 5000 spectators and a small Punic necropolis. Not to miss during your cruise is also a visit to the Carthage National Museum, one of the two archaeological museums in Tunisia, from where one can enjoy a splendid view of the port of La Goulette.

The excursions continue along the coast up to Sidi Bou Said, the “Portofino” of Tunisia, built by the Andalusian Arabs fleeing from Spain, which has become a holiday resort since the 18th century. The heights of the cliffs dominate over the Tunis Bay with its unique colours: the bright white of the walls, the intense blue of the doors and windows, the warm sand colour of the cobbled streets and the explosive fuchsia of the bougainvillea flowers. Another visit not to miss is to the Bard National Museum, hosted in the Hafsid palace built in the 13th century.

Allow yourself some time to walk around Tunis as an alternative to Sidi Bou Said before returning to your cruise ship: the central market, not too far from the Medina, the old own, is a souk typical of Middle Eastern cities, offering cruisers a variety of shops selling fabrics, clothing, spices and crafts. As in any market of this kind, a sale is made only after some haggling, may cruisers be warned!


Day 4: Palermo, Italy

The ship arrives at Palermo port at 09:00 and departs at 19:00.

Your stop in the port of Palermo will enable you to discover the ancient city founded in the 8th century AD by the Phoenicians, plus the refined cuisine: don’t leave without tasting the famous cannoli! Palermo will impress you with its beauty, inherited from the Middle Ages when it was dominated by the Arabs before being conquered by the Normans. The Norman Palace and its extraordinary Cappella Palatina, Palermo and Monreale Cathedral, are architectural gems that combine Roman, Arabic, Norman and Byzantine styles. But it’s also the Botanical Garden and the surprising banyan with its luxurious trunks that will leave you with unforgettable memories of the city.

Not to be missed: The Norman Palace, The Palatine Chapel and The Capuchin Catacombs


Day 5: Naples, Italy

The ship arrives at Naples port at 09:00 and departs at 19:00.

Cruise to Naples, located on Italy's stunning Amalfi coast, a city rich in history. A tour around Naples' grand piazzas, cathedrals and castles in the old centre will take you back centuries.
Pompeii is not too far either, a dashing city which boasts diverse cultural offerings and charming streets. Buildings, churches, streets, ancient fortresses and castles in the sea, as well as natural caves make Naples unforgettable. Pizza was invented in Naples, Italy. The margherita pizza, topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella, was named after Queen Margherita. The Funicular in Naples is one of the longest funicular lines in the world.


Day 6: Civitavecchia, Rome

The ship arrives at Civitavecchia port at 08:00 and departs at 18:30

Civitavecchia, a former Etruscan port, is the seaport for Rome. And what about it? Everything here reflects the glorious power of a people who ruled the world. Located in cove, protected to the north by Mignone and south by the Marangone, the Civitavecchia port was built on the Tyrrhenian coast in Etruscan times and still preserves traces of this history. In particular, the Michelangelo fort and the old town with its 9th-century walls bear witness to the splendour of a medieval past. We have to take advantage of this stop to visit Rome, the grandiose capital with its world-famous monuments: the Forum, the Colosseum, the Pantheon, Trajan's column, St Peter's Basilica, the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, Piazza Venezia, the Spanish Steps and so much more.

Not to be missed: The majestic Cathedral of St Francis of Assisi and The Fort Michelangelo, The Rocca, an impenetrable fortress


Day 7: Genoa - Larnaca

The ship arrives at Genoa port at 09:00 and return flight to Larnaca from Milan airport

Mini Cruise from Malta to Italy - Costa Fascinosa
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Balcony cabin category B1 1649.00€ 989.00€

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