Greek Islands, Bodrum & Kusadasi - Mein Schiff 5

Cruise No: SP3592
Departures: 05/07 & 09/08 2024

TUI in cooperation with Orange Travel Group offers you the Ultra All Inclusive program. The premium all Inclusive package of TUI, which includes meals and drinks in selected restaurants, a Nespresso machine in every cabin, free entrance to the gym, sauna & all sports facilities of the ship, gratuities as well as port fees.

Additional benefits of the Orange Travel Group All-Inclusive program Greek-speaking representative throughout the cruise and 4 excursions with Greek-speaking escort, one at each of the ports of call. 

The official language on TUI's Mein Schiff 5 cruise ship is German and most of passengers will be German nationals. Announcements and entertainment will all be in German and there will be no official translation into English. Our Greek representative on board will be available to assist you. Some menus are available in English on request. Almost all of the ship's crew, who hail from more than 50 countries, speak English. The description of the excursions we offer you at the price of the cruise is in Greek as well as the safety exercise you carry out on the day of embarkation. The ship's daily schedule will also be translated into Greek.

DestinationGreece, Turkey
Month AvailabilityJuly 2024, August 2024

7 nights cruise with Mein Schiff 5 on cabin on your preference.

Eateries on specific restaurants.

Drinks which are included in Premium All Inclusive catalogue.

4 excursions with Greek speaking guide.

Greek speaking representative.

Free entrance in beauty saloon and sports field.

Entertainment on board.


Port taxes.

Prices apply for bookings until 31/01 2024.

Day 1: Heraklion

The ship Mein Schiff sails from Heraklion port at 22:30.


Day 2: At sea

Day at sea to enjoy the facilities and entertainment onboard the ship Mein Schiff.


Day 3: Mykonos

The ship arrives at Mykonos port at 08.00 and departs at 19.00.

A scooter ride to the beaches of Mykonos will allow you to discover the beauty of the island with ease. You can enjoy a drink with a view of the windmills.
After docking at the old port of Mykonos, enjoy the numerous natural coves, beaches and cliffs of this beautiful island. Take advantage of the break to stroll through the maze of streets and alleys where you can discover the beauty of the architecture and the layout of the city. The small white houses with shutters as blue as the sky, the pigeon houses and the numerous small churches of Mykonos will simply enchant you.
Not to be missed: The windmills of Mykonos, The beach of Platys Gialos, The Island of Delos


Day 4: Piraeus

The ship arrives at Piraeus port at 05:30 and departs at 19:00.

This is the cradle of civilization, the oldest city in Europe. Not only is this city home to the Acropolis and some of the most important architectural structures and archaeological finds in the Western world, It is also a very modern city, an urban amalgam of extraordinary art, culture, cuisine and shopping.

The majestic Parthenon stands proud among the remains of the ancient Acropolis, a citadel perched on a rocky cliff, rising 150-metres above the city of Athens. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this unique UNESCO World Heritage Site on an extraordinary excursion. Begin with a climb to the top of Acropolis Hill to admire the magnificent Parthenon, the Temples of Athena Nike, and Erechtheion. Then, visit the modern Acropolis Museum with its outstanding display of archaeological finds, before heading to the Corinth Canal.

After visiting the Parthenon, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you’ll journey to Pláka, the historical quarter of Athens. Affectionately known as the ‘Neighbourhood of the Gods’, its maze of old streets is nestled around the northern and eastern foothills of the Acropolis. This excursion will see you admiring a number of sites including archaeological remains and restored Neoclassical buildings. Immerse yourself in the area’s classical atmosphere before indulging in a spot of souvenir shopping.


Day 5: Ephesus

The ship arrives at Ephesus port at 08.00 and departs at 19.00.

Take a journey into the past in richly historic Ephesus. Once an ancient Greek city, Ephesus was known for the famed Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Built, destroyed, and rebuilt again through several notably historical periods, Ephesus boasts abounding ruins and archaeological excavation sites. View what remains of the Roman Library of Celsus, the Gate of Augustus, the Tomb of John the Apostle, and the Basilica of St. John, amongst several other ancient remnants.

Famous for its history. Associated with the ministries of Paul, Timothy and the apostle John, the city played a significant role in the spread of early Christianity. The acoustics in the amphitheatres are fantastic.


Day 6: Bodrum

The ship arrives at Bodrum port at 08:00 and departs at 20:00.

A remixed melody of traditional echoes
Some words don’t translate well from one language to another – a perfect example of this is the word keyif. Pronounced “kayfe,” roughly translated it means “the pursuit of idyllic pleasure” or “to do nothing happily” but – as Bodrum locals will tell you, the best way to translate keyif is simply just – vibes. 

Bodrum is the ideal location to live out all your keyif fantasies. Spend the day at one of its idyllic top-rated beach resorts or gaze out the window on the short drive to the nomadic village of Etrim – where notoriously warm locals are eager to share their homemade wine and carpet weaving abilities. 

However, Bodrum has so much more to offer than perfectly designed cuisine and instagram-worthy beauty. Dripping with a history richer than one of its homemade baklavas, Bodrum has something to offer everyone – especially the forever adventurer at heart. 

Originally built as a gothic style fortress, the legendary Bodrum Castle came under the rule of the Ottoman Empire until after WWI when it was vacated and left vacant for nearly 40 years. Now serving as one of the world’s premier archaeological museums it houses a (literal) treasure trove of artifacts pulled from sunken ships and wreckage sites dating back to the Bronze age. Continue your adventure and make your way to Bodrum Castle’s neighbor, The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus – one of the seven wonders of the world. 

Whether in search of a history lesson unlike any other, an over the top underwater adventure, phenomenal cuisine or to simply lay out on one of the best beaches the world has to offer, in Bodrum the only thing you have to worry about – is keyif.


Day 7: At sea

Day at sea to enjoy the facilities and entertainment onboard the ship Mein Schiff.


Day 8: Heraklion

The ship arrives at Heraklion port at 04:00.

Greek Islands, Bodrum & Kusadasi - Mein Schiff 5
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Cabin Category Single Double Triple Quad Child Book
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Balcony cabin F 1789.00€ 599.00€

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