Adriatic Sea & Greek Gems - Resilient Lady - Virgin Voyages

Cruise No: sp3578
Departures: 26/05, 16/06, 07/07 & 28/7 2024

Cruise the most incredible spots in the Adriatic Sea — by way of Croatia’s coastline, Greece’s glamorous islands, and a bay in the Balkans. With a late-night stay in Dubrovnik, there’s plenty of time to explore the scenic city during the day and take part in the vibrant nightlife.

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DestinationCroatia, Greece
Month AvailabilityMay 2024, June 2024, July 2024

8 Day cruise with Resilient Lady.

20+ eateries curated by Michelin star chefs are yours to enjoy.

Essential Drinks: Still and sparkling water, non-pressed juices, sodas, teas and even drip coffee.

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Yoga, meditation, cycling, HIIT classes, and more.

Awe-inspiring shows.

Port taxes.


Air ticket Larnaca - Athens - Larnaca in economy class.

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Transfers airport / port / airport.


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Day 1: Piraeus

Embarkation on Resilient Lady. The ship departs from Piraeus port at 18:00


Day 2: At sea

Day at your leisure to enjoy the facilities and entertainment of the Resilient Lady. 


Day 3: Split, Croatia

The ship arrives at Split port at 09.00 and departs at 19.00

High-Key Vibes in a Low-Key City
Along the eastern shore of the glistening Adriatic Sea lies a small peninsula that’s home to Croatia’s second largest city – Split. The first thing you’ll see when approaching this breathtaking Dalmatian capital coastal city is its pristine beaches, who’s white sand seemingly glows in the sun.

Its famous beaches offer something for every traveler – from the sailor who wants to walk the boardwalk, bar hop, shop the brightly colored shops, or grab a bite to eat there’s Bačvice Beach, who’s bustling culture provides a major portion of Split’s livelihood, and for a more secluded, private beach experience you can make your way to Ovčiče Beach. 

Loaded with opportunities to immerse yourself in the loaded history of Split, from stepping inside the Diocletian’s Palace (one of the world’s most impressive Roman monuments and a UNESCO world heritage site), to a variety of grand museums, and endless adventures waiting to be had in the sprawling natural world that surrounds the city, Split’s magic awaits you no matter your journey. Find yourself canoeing the Cetina River, going on an ATV safari, hiking through breathtaking views that span all the way to Bosnia and Herzegovina, or eating and drinking your way through the dozens of bars and restaurants that call this magical city home. 

With so much culture busting at the seams of this eclectic city, no matter how you ~split~ your time, you’re guaranteed to have an unforgettable time. (We promise that will be the only split pun, we just couldn’t resist.)


Day 4: Dubrovnik, Croatia

The ship arrives at Dubrovnik port at 09:00 and departs at 22:00

The Croatian Republic of Adventure
Across the Adriatic Sea from Italy, is Dubrovnik — the (unofficial) capital of Croatia’s dazzling Dalmatian Coast. The subtropical climate has made this former village-turned-fortified city an ideal port for merchants and seafarers since the 7th-century and an ideal backdrop for our Sailors (and Hollywood location scouts) since the 21st.

Whether in search of a Balkan adventure, a romance on the dance floor of an ex-barracks-turned-night-club, a historical hangout worthy of a John Williams musical score, or some of the most succulent seafood in Europe, Dubrovnik refuses to disappoint. Surrounded by sparkling emerald waters, dramatic cliffs, and the illustrious Elaphiti archipelago, this extraordinary city’s beaches rank as some of the world’s finest, providing the perfect backdrop for its copious thrilling outdoor endeavors which can be found from the glistening coast all the way into the hinterland.


Day 5: Kotor, Montenegro

The ship arrives at Kotor port at 09:00 and departs at 19:00

A river canyon’s medieval maze
While Kotor’s history is steeped in medieval lore, its past extends all the way back to both ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. Like the age of a vintage Hollywood starlet, an exact date to the city’s origins is impossible to pinpoint, but with the 12th-14th centuries being widely accepted as the golden age of Montenegro’s development, this is probably a good starting place to fix your mind upon entering the city’s renowned gates.
The city’s various religious dwellings, such as the Roman Catholic Saint Tryphon (often said to be Kotor’s most beautiful building,) or the Eastern Orthodox Church Our Lady of the Rocks are just as fascinating as its whimsical Cat Museum. The best way to see the collection of landmarks that call Kotor home is by putting down your phone (and your inhibitions) and exploring them for yourself. 

Hiking through the Lovcen National Park provides a natural world that’s existed here for millennia – plus offers some epic photo-ops, all while offering you a peek into the very land where dueling kingdoms would prepare before heading off to conquer new territory for their crowned leader. 

Whether you’re looking to uncover ancient hidden caves from the comfort of a boat or to spend the day taking advantage of the excess healing marine minerals while getting pampered, Kotor has just what you’re craving. When it comes to self-care, Kotor doesn’t only offer treatments for your body, but for your soul – through your stomach. 

Traditional recipes being passed down for generations is prevalent in the many inspired restaurants, cafes and tavernas who have both perfected the traditional while giving it a twist. For proof of just how fresh the ingredients are, take a day trip into the countryside and meet the farmers and artisans whose celebrated products are used daily throughout the city’s impressive culinary scene.


Day 6: Corfu

The ship arrives at Corfu port at 09:00 and departs at 21:00

Peek beyond the City of Peaks
In every big family there are bound to be labels given to each child. There’s the leader, the mischief-maker, the one who goes with the flow — the list goes on. If Greece’s islands were to have such designations, Corfu would be the effortlessly chic tastemaker.

Corfu is simply dripping in history. Wander through the narrow cobblestone alleys and discover a world of adventure worthy of a fantasy film. Stumble upon historical landmines — like The Old Town’s stunning municipal building, which served as its first (and former) grand theater and opera house built during the Venetian empire. Admire The Palace of St. Michael & St. George, which provides a home to the Museum of Asian Art that displays Chinese, Japanese, and Greco-Buddhist masterpieces. Take in The Saint Spyridon Church’s bell tower – whose patron saint was said to have expelled the plague from the island. All the while appreciating the wafting aromas of local flora and fauna that are so expertly used for numerous liqueur and culinary infusions. It’s not that Corfu is pretentious, it’s just the classic Hollywood starlet of Greek Islands — emitting that aura of worldly sophistication that naturally makes you want more.   

Corfu gives you the freedom to relax with your toes in the sand sipping kumquat liqueur one minute and diving (literally and figuratively) into adventures unknown the next. You can choose from a number of sumptuous beaches to bask in the sun, peruse a new book under the shade of an umbrella or go for a swim in the iridescent waters. You can venture to hilltop ruins on horseback and sail the coast before plunging into the sea from the comfort of your own private vessel. You can picnic on a seaside cliff, explore groves of kumquats, pomegranates, pears and olives, hike the otherworldly scenic trails by foot (or by ATV) or — you can do it all.  In Corfu the sea is merely a starting point — and you’re in control of the dynamic story about to unfold.


Day 7: At sea

Day at your leisure to enjoy the facilities and entertainment of the Resilient Lady. 


Day 8: Piraeus

Resilient Lady ship arrives at Piraeus port at 06.30 

Adriatic Sea & Greek Gems - Resilient Lady - Virgin Voyages
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