Amathus unveils its new logo

6 July, 2023
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Amathus Corporation Ltd has unveiled its new logo and brand identify while celebrating 80 years of delivering service excellence in transport, travel, and tourism.
Amathus’s new logo is comprised of two elements: the seashell in the form of a tilted locator symbol, which is also interpreted as the letter a, and the word Amathus. The seashell symbolizes the company’s strong association with sea trading activities while the logo’s blue colour variations are associated with both air and sea, to reinforce the company’s connection to aviation and shipping. With clean lines and bold colours, the new branding embodies the essence of Amathus and the company’s commitment to simplicity, efficiency, innovation, and progress.
Christos Christou, CEO of Amathus Corporation commented, “we are proud to celebrate 80 years of delivering service excellence and we look forward to many more with our new, fresh, and modern look. Our new logo is inspired from our history and our passion to remain in the forefront of developments in the areas we operate. We look into the future with great confidence together with our people who have been and will always be the cornerstone of our success.”
Established in 1943 as a shipping company, Amathus Corporation has grown over the years to become a diversified group of companies with activities in transport, travel, and tourism. Today Amathus provides a wide span of services ranging from cargo transportation and logistics to ship agency and chartering and from airline representation to corporate and leisure travel, while its parent company, Amathus Ltd has a range of investments in hotels, leisure and entertainment.
Amathus Corporation trades in Cyprus, Greece, and Malta under different brands, including Amathus Travel, Let’s Go Tours, FCM, APG, Amathus Aegeas, and 2Serve.
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